8 reasons why you should get into mountain biking


1. It’s great exercise

Whether it’s trail, parks, or cross country riding, mountain biking is a great cardiovascular exercise. Biking is also one of the few activities that enables long periods of high aerobic effort with minimal stress exerted on your joints – so it’s great for all ages.

Compared to road cycling, mountain biking requires more frequent short bursts of intensity to get up a steep incline or across rocky terrain. It’s kind of nature’s own version of high intensity interval training.

2. Explore the outdoors

With the typical 9-5 work day, a lot of people spend the better part of their day locked up in an office or in front of a computer. Swapping that scenery for a few hours in the mountains brings a kind of serenity rarely experienced in our hectic modern day lives.

So forget the fluorescent lights of the office and grab your handlebars, cause that next trail is guaranteed to be better than your next meeting.


3. No need to worry about traffic

Traffic is a cyclist’s arch nemesis. If you’ve ever cycled in Sydney, you would have probably experienced at least one incident of a careless driver swerving in front of you or passing close at speed.

Guess what? There’s none of that in the mountains!

4. Great way to socialise

Although it’s not exactly a team sport, mountain biking is more fun when you ride with mates. Riding in a pack always brings along that edge of competitiveness that makes every ride more enjoyable. Plus you’ll always have someone to hold a camera for you.

5. Sense of accomplishment

“Scientists” have proven that there is a direct correlation between the ferociousness of swearing during hill climbs and the sense of satisfaction felt immediately afterwards. So don’t shy away from hills, because what goes up must come down!


6. Adrenaline Rush

Don’t need many words for this one. If you’ve ever pointed a mountain bike down on a descend, you’ll know what we are smiling about.

7. Improve your balance and bike handling skill

Bike handling is a critical part to mountain biking. Feeling comfortable on your ride and having a good control of your balance is crucial for navigating sharp turns and steep descents on the trails.

The skills and body control that you pick up mountain biking will carry not only to road cycling, but also to other sports and athletic activities. If you need some pointers on mountain bike handling, here’s a great YouTube MTB skills video to get you started.

8. Challenge yourself

Mountain biking is a bit like skiing; you start off on the greens circles, then progress quickly onto the blues squares but all the while looking forward to being able to shred those black diamonds.

At the end of the day, we all love a challenge and mountain biking is a sport with an endless amount of that!